What I Learned During February Album Writing Month

What I Learned During February Album Writing Month

May 1, 2019 Recording Songwriting 0
February Album Writing Month Cover Art

I… I… I did it?

This year I participated in February Album Writing Month. The goal is to write 14 songs in 28 days. And, I met the goal!

Now, admittedly, a handful of the songs I wrote in that period were built from ideas, hooks, riffs, and lyrics I had kicking around before February 2019. However, the month-long challenge was my motivation for finishing them.

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There’s no requirement to record the songs. However, it was also an excuse for me to learn to use some new [used] gear I had acquired. 11 of the 14 were actually demoed and recording in the month, specifically songs 4-14. The first three were recorded after the month ended. Honestly, I was still learning to turn around demos quickly. I think if you listen to tracks 4-14 in order, you can hear me learning how to use my audio interface, Garageband 10, and all of the tools at my disposal.

Let’s be clear: some of these are not good. Part of the challenge that I enjoyed was just writing the darn song and moving on. Some of them I think are strong, others, well, I’m glad I finished them and if nothing ever comes of them, that’s just fine. The process itself was educational. Having said all of that, a few of those songs will end up being performed by my band, The New Limits. As of today, we’ve already begun rehearsing two of them.

Reflecting on the month has been so educational. Some of the songs just came to me. Some of them required a lot of sweat. Some I was able to finish and then record. Some of them I had to begin recording just to see where they would go. It was fun to allow myself this freedom.

Knowing I would be trying to write 12 songs, I had to let myself step out of simply writing songs for my bands. It was such a joy to write in other genres I love just don’t play right now (or ever).

I feel so much more prepared and excited to write more music in the future, whether it’s for me, for someone I love, or to be performed with a band.

I also would not have completed this without the support of friends along the way. I also have to shout out the FAWM community. This community can only be described as the anti-internet: supportive, constructive, helpful, and positive. The comments on my songs and my profile only wanted me to write more and become better. The comments were whatever you think the opposite of youtube comments would look like. Thank you, FAWM.



h/t Canva for all of the track artwork.