New Single “Three Little Dots” Streaming Everywhere

The only thing worse than being left on read… My new single “Three Little Dots” is now streaming everywhere! I wrote this song as part of my first February Album Writing Month (FAWM) in 2019 and have been working on it on and off ever since.

January 8, 2024 0

“Spend the Holidays with You” – Original Holiday Song

An original holiday tune I wrote for my band, The New Limits! Traveling from house-to-house over the holiday season can be a drag, but if you’re stuck in the car with the right person, maybe it’s not so bad.

November 20, 2023 0

Let’s Make Officecore a Thing

I kicked off February Album Writing Month by reflecting on what it means to have a desk job. I was trying to channel The Mr. T Experience with some clever self-deprecation. Hopefully this doesn’t give off novelty vibes, but it is certainly satire.

August 24, 2023 0

New Solo Single “Sick” Out Nov 18

It’s a song for when you absolutely cannot put one more ounce of effort into a relationship.

November 15, 2022 0
Jacob Wake Up! | Spinning Like a Dreidel

The Original Synthy Pop-punk Hanukkah Song You Didn’t Know You Needed

I’ve just released my original pop-punk Hanukkah song entitled “Spinning (Like a Dreidel).” Good luck getting it out of your head.

December 8, 2020 0

More Acoustic Quarantainment: “Too Little Too Late (I Promise)” by The New Limits

I first wrote this song four years ago. It wasn’t meant as an apology, that ship had already sailed. That’s why the song is called ‘Too Little Too Late.’

November 25, 2020 0

I’m Not Stuck in the Past

I turned into one of those annoying friends or coworkers who seems to have a story to tell for every topic or conversation.

May 13, 2020 0

What is “Normal” anyways?

Watch me play an acoustic version of “Normal Day,” a song I wrote for my band The New Limits. This song has been a staple of the band’s live set for the last couple of years but has yet to be recorded. The song, written long before the COVID-19 pandemic, is just a wish for…
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April 24, 2020 0
February Album Writing Month Cover Art

What I Learned During February Album Writing Month

This year I participated in February Album Writing Month. The goal is to write 14 songs in 28 days. And, I met the goal!

May 1, 2019 0